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I am really proud to be the Principal of Maharaja Agrasen College for Women, Jhajjar, because, it is for this college that girls of Jhajjar District and its surrounding areas have been blessed with quality education.  Hence, it become my responsibility to ensure our-all growth and complete development in true sense of the associated people.  Since 1984, the college has progressed by leaps and bounds and has never looked back.
It is my firm and sincere belief that Nation building and progress of the society would not be possible without the upliftment and empowerment of Women.  As has been rightly said ‘Educate a man, educates a person-educate a woman-educates  a family’.   Educating women can contribute to the progress of the country and refinement of the country and bringing the desired change in society.  Our mission here is not only to educate the women but to make them self-dependent, self-sufficient, self-defensive and help them in earning a respectable, equitable and dignified position in  society. Thus enabling them to contribute in eradicating social evils.
Here, at the college, we work with our vision -our girls be capable to prove to the world the statement that ‘The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world’.

Dr. Mrs. Sadhna Gupta
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