Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC is being advocated as a post accreditation activity with the assumption that accreditation would have given sufficient scope to institution to streamline their affairs. IQAC would help sustain and strengthen the momentum generated. It is a step towards institutionalization and internalization. IQAC will be utilized to generate good practices, ideas, planning, implementing and measuring the outcome of academic and administrative performance of the institution. Main function of IQAC is to develop realistic and attainable quality for each of academic and administrative activity. It is based on its own practices and experiences of the other. The purpose of IQAC is to keep the institution abreast of quality sustenance activities through workshops, seminars, group discussions, roll-plays, case studies etc. It helps colleges in planning and monitoring. Multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional activities will expose the students and teachers to new frontiers of knowledge. Strengthening the fibre of institution leading to holistic development.
Our college was accredited by NAAC in January, 2003 and the college constituted the Quality Advisory Committee and IQAC in the year 2004-05 and it was re-framed in compliance to Higher Education Commissioner, Haryana Memo No. 3/5-2006 NPE (1) dated: 20.02.2009. 
The College also sent the report of IQAC w/e/f/ 2003-04 to 2006-07 to the Director, National Assessment and Accreditation Council,2/4, Abhimani Prakashana, Dr. Rajkumar Road, P.O. Box No. 1075, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore-560010 as well as to other concerned department. However, as per fresh guidelines of the UGC, the college has re-constituted IQAC March, 2011


Sr. No. Designation Name & other Detail
1 Chairperson Dr.Sadhna Gupta, Principal of the College
Co-ordinator of IQAC
1 Co-ordinator/Incharge Mrs. Urmila Bhogra, AP-Math.
Out of Teachers/Administrative Staff
1 Member Mrs. Kiran Verma, AP-History
2 Member Mrs. Neeru Rohilla, AP-Economics
3 Member Mrs. Santosh Chahar, AP-English
4 Member Dr. Chitralekha, AP-English
5 Member Sh. J.K. Singhal, Head Clerk
6 Member Sanjay Goel,Local Community
Out of Local Community
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