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A library is a resource center of knowledge. No academic institution can progress without it. It is an integral part of any academic and research institution. The College Library of Maharaja Aggarsen College for Women, Jhajjar is well equipped with latest IT tools to acquire, store, retrieve and disseminate information. The College Library caters the information needs of the students, faculty and staff members of the college. To support teaching and learning needs, library  has collection more than 12000 books on number of subjects such as English, Hindi, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Sanskrit, Political Science, Computers, Commerce etc. In addition to that, the College Library also have quite significant collection related to GK, completive examine, games, health, tailoring, knitting, cooking etc.

The Library also has reference collection which includes encyclopedia, dictionaries on number of subjects. The Library also subscribe number of magazines and journals in print and electronic both the medium. To provide online access to the electronic journals and books, the College Library is an active member of N-LIST (National Library and Information Service Infrastructure of Scholarly Content) programme. Students and staff members can access these electronic collections in the library. All the staff members can access these electronic collections from remote location with the help of their individual login ID and password. All the main functions of the library are computerized by using library management software entitled ‘TechLib’. The College Library also subscribed number of newspapers in Hindi and English language. The Library also has a big reading hall with more than 50 seating capacity.

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