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The Maharaja Agrasen College is run by the Trust. The name of the Trust is Maharaja Agrasen Education Trust, Jhajjar. The Head Office of the Trust is Located in Jhajjar. The permanent members of the trust elect office-bearers who should be above 25 years of age. There are four office-bearers namely:

1.      President

2.      Vice President

3.      General Secretary

4.      Cashier

Other than the above mentioned office bearers, there are eleven members of the working committee of the Trust. The office bearers hold office for a term of three years. Working committee is bound to hold elections within three months of the due date in any case. There is a school also run by Maharaja Agrasen Education Trust. It is situated quite near the college building and is named as Maharaja Agrasen Middle School. There is a Governing Body for running the affairs of the college. It consists of twenty one members. Out of them, one is nominated by the University, one by the State Government and two representatives of the teaching staff and one from Non Teaching Staff. The Principal of the college is the ex-officio Secretary. The tenure of the Governing Body is three years and elections are held after the completion of each term. In all the matter of the college, the Rules and Regulations of M.D. University Rohtak and Director Higher Education Haryana, Chandigarh are applicable. 


  1. Office Bearers
  2. Members of Working Committee of the Trust
  3. Governing Body of the College
  4. Members of Collegium of Trust
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