Students Welfare Committee

Students Welfare Committee
Mrs.  Prem Bhalla : Incharge


The S.W.F. was founded in 1985 and since then has been continuously helping the poor/needy students who find it difficult to purchase books. The SWF operates at two levels: 
01 Financial Help
02 Book Bank
The purpose of this discretionary fund is to offer financial assistance to students who encounter unexpected difficulties during their span of study. The SWF committee meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year and students have the privilege to apply at any time of the academic calendar. Every year about two hundred students get benefited by this fund. Each applicant is interviewed by the members of SWF. Committee then determines the actual amount to be allocated to the students based on budget and number of application. After the annual examination books are returned by the students and security of the books charged is refunded. There are 866 text books of new syllabus in our books bank of SWF.


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